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The Custom Curve™ Glass Window System

Posted by admin on March 7, 2011 in Product Announcements with 6 Comments

Our new Custom Curve Glass Window System - © 2011 Pacific Yurts Inc.

Thanks for visiting our all-new blog! We look forward to using this as a channel to keep you updated on new innovations, as well as a way for us to share tips on yurt living and stories from our customers.

We are proud of the long list of innovations over our 33-year history of building the highest quality modern yurts.  From reflective insulation and French doors to heavy-duty snow and wind upgrades, we have introduced most of the features that have made yurts tremendously popular in a variety of settings and applications.  Many of these innovations were developed in response to customer requests for options that would enhance their yurt experience.

One of the many benefits that yurts offer is their flexibility to be used in a wide variety of locations, and sometimes that means customers place the yurt atop a tall platform or on a steep mountain slope.  Since the standard yurt window opens from the outside we wanted to give these customers an easy option for opening any hard to reach windows without a wrap-around deck.

That issue has been solved through a mixture of ingenuity and technology.  We are pleased to introduce our latest, and one of our most exciting innovations to date- the Custom Curve™ Glass Window System.

The design utilizes a Low-E thermal glass window for maximum energy efficiency, and integrates a fabric flange into the window system to assure a weather-tight seal.  Custom Curve™ is the first window whose beautiful structurally engineered wood framework follows the curved wall of the yurt.  It thereby avoids the “flat panel” appearance of other systems and creates the most aesthetically appealing and versatile window available in a yurt today.

Exterior of our new Custom Curve Glass Window System - © 2011 Pacific Yurts Inc.

Custom Curve windows can be easily accessorized for a personalized look (shelving and paneling not included) ©2011 Pacific Yurts Inc.

Beyond the visual appeal and thermal benefits, the most tangible advantage of the new window system is that it can be opened from inside.  By engineering the window’s top quality Douglas fir framework into the yurt design we have been able to eliminate the lattice framing that crisscrosses through the standard yurt window, thereby enhancing the view.

Our new window system can be installed virtually anywhere along the wall of our three largest yurt sizes (20, 24 & 30).  It can be ordered with a new yurt or retrofitted to an existing Pacific Yurt, and easily lends itself to customization with shelving, wood panels or window treatments for a personalized look.

The Custom Curve™ window system ranks among the best of our innovations over the years and we have been very pleased with the feedback we’ve received.  Our commitment to continued innovation is one way of expressing our gratitude to all of our customers who provide us with the opportunity to make a living doing what we love – making yurts.  If you don’t already own a beautiful Pacific Yurt, we invite you to join our many satisfied customers.

© 2011 Pacific Yurts Inc.